Securing the Future: A Guide for C-Suite and Board Members on Choosing the Right Cloud Security Platform

Key Elements to Consider when selecting a cloud security platform

The importance of choosing the right cloud security in today’s business landscape cannot be underestimated, in fact, the stakes have never been higher. Cloud security is a top priority for businesses today, and so it should be, but choosing the right platform can be a daunting task for C-suite executives and board members.

To streamline this process, I’ve outlined the key elements that C-suite executives and board members need to consider when selecting a cloud security platform:

1. Comprehensive Visibility:

Comprehensive visibility and asset inventory are essential for effective cloud security. A CNAPP approach provides deep visibility into cloud-native application behaviour, a unified security approach, and automated threat detection and response capabilities. Prioritising asset inventory helps organisations to identify potential security threats and track resources. By implementing these measures, organisations can improve their risk management and better protect their valuable assets and data.

2. Real-Time Reporting and Analytics:

Real-time reporting and analytics capabilities can help security teams quickly identify and respond to security incidents. A cloud security platform should provide detailed insights to help teams understand security risks and trends and provide senior stakeholders with assurance of their cloud operating environments at any time.

3. Continuous Compliance Monitoring:

Continuous compliance monitoring ensures that at any time customers are able to report on their control effectiveness as it relates to industry frameworks and standards. A cloud security platform should provide extensive compliance monitoring and reporting to help organisations with audit preparedness as it relates to their regulatory reporting obligations.

4. Automated Threat Detection and Response:

Ensure the provider can address today’s Known-Knowns and is capable of managing Unknown-Unknowns for tomorrow’s challenges. It is also important to look for Innovation and leadership – consider your chosen cloud security provider as a strategic partnership that will innovate on your behalf and evolve as the market evolves to ensure that relevance and coverage are always maintained.

5. Scalability and Flexibility:

Cloud security needs to be able to scale up or down as needed and be flexible enough to adapt to changing business needs. This includes providing true multi-tenancy, supporting multi-cloud environments , integrations with other security solutions, and a simple intuitive learning cycle for users of the platform.

6. Vendor supply chain:

When choosing a cloud security platform, evaluating the vendor supply chain is critical to an organisation’s overall security posture. Vendor due diligence assesses security practices and protocols, ensuring alignment with an organisation’s requirements. ISO and SOC certifications can demonstrate a vendor’s commitment to rigorous security standards, which increases trust in the vendor’s practices.. By evaluating their vendor supply chain, organisations can choose a platform that meets their unique security needs and protects valuable assets and data.

7. Commercial/Contracts:

Standard security practices like SSO, MFA, Password Policies, and Auditing should not require customers to pay more as they are crucial for any cloud security platform. When selecting a platform, organisations should assess the features included vs. cost benefits and evaluate the associated costs, including licensing, support, and implementation fees. By carefully examining these aspects, organisations can choose a cloud security platform that aligns with their security requirements and optimises their security budget.

Plerion’s cloud security platform meets the challenges of the next generation by fulfilling the essential requirements discussed in this article. With a comprehensive visibility approach, asset inventory management, vendor supply chain due diligence, and cost-effective tiering, Plerion’s platform provides the necessary functionality to ensure the protection of valuable cloud assets and data. Plerion’s intuitive platform system cuts through the noise and removes uncertainty, providing unique clarity and peace of mind for organisations

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