Plerion and AWS: Empowering secure cloud environments

Plerion offers unrestricted protection in the cloud security space for a more empowered and safer world.

In today’s digital landscape, organizations are increasingly leveraging the power of the cloud to drive innovation and scalability.

But with corporate scale comes a new wave of cybersecurity risks. And many of the biggest players in the world are falling victim. Among high profile victims in the corporate world is Toyota, which this year confirmed that more than two million customers globally had been exposed for a decade, and major health insurance provider Medibank, which suffered a highly embarrassing cyber attack resulting in unauthorised access to customer data in 2022.

It’s headlines like these that have forced a corporate sprint to find a secure, off-the-shelf cybersecurity solution that supports workloads across AWS, delivering cloud protection, attack path analysis and extensive compliance reporting.

For some, it’s too little, too late, because all too often, key decision makers are expected to do their job with incomplete information and a fragmented picture of cloud security, creating uncertainty, hesitation and inefficiencies.


Secure your AWS cloud with Plerion

Plerion has been experiencing significant growth as organisations look for a one-stop solution. It enables you to secure your AWS cloud with Plerion in under five minutes. Our driving purpose has been to create a cloud security platform that removes the guesswork to offer substantial leverage to focus on the 1% of alerts that genuinely matter and provide effective remediation.

This allows you to achieve complete visibility into your entire AWS environment so you can identify, prioritise and remediate the most critical security risks from build time to run time.

What keeps clients coming back is the fact that Plerion challenges the status quo, redefining what cloud security protection means. It’s hard to find an all-in-one cloud security platform that supports AWS, Azure and Google Cloud workloads that actually helps customers identify, prioritise and mitigate risks within their cloud operating environments.

Quite simply, Plerion exists to make the world a safer place. It’s our mission to empower you with the insights and strategies needed to mitigate risks and offer a new level of depth to secure your entire cloud infrastructure.


How it works

1 Connect Plerion

With a few simple steps in the console or a single API call, connect Plerion to your cloud environment without additional agent to deploy or manage

2 Continuously monitor

Continuously monitor cloud configurations, applications, workloads, data, entitlements and events for potential security and compliance issues from build time to run time.

3 Focus on what matters

Fix the most critical security risks using Plerion’s industry-leading risk-driven and threat-led approach.


What is Plerion?

Plerion offers a fast and friction-free agentless cloud security for AWS, supporting thousands of checks for cloud misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, malwares, identity risks, data risks, API risks and more.

Our vision is to simplify cloud security and deliver unparalleled context that provides 360 degree transparency for the most comprehensive market solution that intuitively evolves with our customers.

It’s a unique approach, because Plerion allows you to go beyond by diving into our open ecosystem to analyse the problem so that issues can be spotted before they become a problem.

The platform replaces multiple independent tools with a single holistic security solution for organisations operating in the cloud. It enables them to leapfrog the cost and complexity of siloed security products to a continuous security fabric within major investments in tools or developer talent.

This means organisations can quickly understand their risk profile down to an individual asset basis, right down to an attack path and how to make impactful decisions to improve their cyber risk position immediately.

Start securing your AWS cloud within minutes without agents here.

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